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The proper wiring of a system plays an important role in the overall performances of your audio and video products. Depending on your source unit, be it DVD, satellite, or even cable television or a VCR, the type of cable you choose to drive your components will differ. A good connection consists of RCA cable, also known as composite cable. This type of connection is good for the use of cable television or VCR, where the resolution of the image is relatively low.

The next step up, S-Video cable, breaks up the color signal from the black and white signal, therefore giving you a sharper image. This connection is used mostly on Satellite and short runs with a DVD player. One drawback to this cable is that it tends to start losing the signal after only a few meters.

The best connection between any source unit and component is Component Video Cable. This cable consists of three separate cables, giving you the cleanest, sharpest image available. This cable is also very useful because it does not break up, even after runs of 30+ feet.

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